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Jai Andrology and Men’s Health is the first exclusive centre in rajahmundry that’s instrumental in bringing men’s health as an independent area of focus not only for Fertility, but also Erectile Dysfunction and sexual concerns. With state-of-art technology, advanced treatment and personalized care, we help you deal, grow out of your reproductive health worries and help you take your first steps towards parenthood. Our services include:

Intertility Evaluation and Management

Get a thorough evaluation of factors causing infertility using extensive procedures and advanced treatment methods.

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Penile curvature

From medication to surgery, Jai andrology is an all-in-one clinic for every aspect of treating Penile curvature.

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High quality equipments, high success rates and expertise-We’ve got everything covered to be your trusted healthcare partner.

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Penile lengthening

We are the first ever center in rajahmundry and Guntur to perform penile lengthening surgery. Leverage our expertise!

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Erectile Dysfunction

Get end-to-end analysis of erectile dysfunction and treat the conditions with comprehensive procedures and treatment options.

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Approximately 10 percent of all men have varicoceles - among infertile couples, the incidence of varicoceles increases to 30 percent.

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Sexual counselling

We help you deal with your issues as a psychologist, a gynecologist and a therapist and give you a comprehensive analysis to face the same.

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Andrology Lab

We are the first in rajahmundry and Andhra Pradesh with cutting edge equipments and advanced procedures!

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A Comprehensive centre in rajahmundry for men’s fertility health and reproductive health.

Male Fertility

Get basic to advanced analysis of factors causing male fertility that includes Clinical examination, advanced Semen Analysis Hormonal Assay and Radiological examination.

Treatment options includes:

  • Hormone treatments and medications
  • micro surgical varicocelectomy
  • Surgical sperm retrival
  • Obstructive Azoospermia
  • Non Obstructive Azoospermia
  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART) ART treatments

Andrology Lab

The first exclusive center in rajahmundry with state of the art andrology lab equipped with instruments and that does tests like

  • Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)
  • DNA Fragmentation Index (DNI)
  • Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
  • Sperm Function Test

Erectile Dysfunctionn

We have the best in class Modalities for Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction like:

  • Slidenfil Test
  • Penile Doppler
  • Endothelial function test
  • Treating the Conditions that cause ED


We perform Micro Surgical Varicocelectomy using a High-Powered Operating microscope to achieve the highest success rates in improving sperm count, motility and morphology.


RED1000 Shock Wave Therapy is the Latest Treatment modality for Patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction Particularly in Patients with (Diabetes, Hypertensives, High Cholesterol)

Patients Feedback

Medical team

Dr. Kranthi Kumar Reddy is the Consultant Andrologist who graduated in MS.Mch (Urology) NIMS and has done his fellowship in Andrology (UCLH,London). He envisions his venture, Jai Andrology and Men’s fertility to be a comprehensive centre for male fertility and reproductive health.

His Field of expertise includes:

  • Infertility Evaluation and Management
  • Micro Surgical Varicocelectomy
  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval
  • Penile Prosthesis Surgery
  • Peyronie's Disease
  • Pre & Post Marital Counselling
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