Dealing with Emotional Stress of Male Infertility

In general whenever infertility is discussed; it is pinpointed on female reproductive issues only. On the other hand, male infertility is also a very important contributing factor. Approximately about 30 – 50% of couples those who are suffering with infertility problems are men. It is unfortunate that the discussion of infertility generally focused on women, but men are left out to deal their emotions on their own. It is inexpressible fact that men are equally stressed likewise women. There are number of ways in which men can cope and perhaps improve their fertility health.

Acknowledge feelings

The foremost thing in coping with stress of male infertility is to accept or acknowledge fact that is being felt. During this time, be open with your partner and share your feelings. It can be helpful to talk to doctor, a friend or a counselor likewise persons. Keeping anything so stressful secret, can spoil the mind; but opening up and sharing what you are going through can help to relieve the burden.

Take Control

Once the problem is understood and given some time to process the emotions, one can start taking control or can deal with the situation. To deal with the situation one can do the following:

  • 1. Making an appointment with male fertility specialist
  • 2. Having a second opinion
  • 3. Study and research as much as possible about fertility
  • 4. Making a questionnaire for your doctor

At the same time, discuss with your partner about what this means for the long term. Research the various fertility treatment options that are available and discuss which one may be best suitable for the situation. Also, discuss about the possible treatments in terms of what can be handled emotionally and financially.

Taking care of Physical Health

  • 1. Eating a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and limited processed foods
  • 2. Being physically active
  • 3. Avoiding cigarettes, excessive drinking, and drugs
  • 4. Achieving or maintaining a healthy BMI

All of these more or less can help to improve sperm quality while helping to cope up with emotional stress To know more about the male fertility, make an appointment with JAI ANDROLOGY